Project Information

The proposed generating station will include a dam with a water intake and penstock, powerhouse and tailrace channel. Associated activities include improvements to existing access roads, establishment of a construction site and installation of an approximately 7 km long transmission line that would connect to an existing transmission line on the west side of the Abitibi River.

The proposed New Post Creek Project is subject to the coordinated provincial and federal environmental assessment (EA) process. Under the provincial Environmental Assessment Act, the proposed Project is subject to the Class EA for Waterpower Projects. Under the federal Canadian Environmental Assessment Act, the proposed Project is subject to a Screening EA. The coordinated EA process ensures that the requirements of both levels of government are fully addressed in a single process and body of EA documentation. The Class EA planning process requires CRP and OPG to evaluate the positive and negative environmental effects of the Proposed Undertaking and prepare an Environmental Report on both the construction and operation phases of the Project.

To carry out the Proposed Undertaking, the deregulation of a small portion of Little Abitibi Provincial Park is necessary to align with requirements of the Provincial Parks and Conservation Reserves Act, 2006. Replacement lands adjacent to the park boundary have been identified resulting in a larger park and enhanced ecological integrity. TTN and OPG were involved in the process to determine these replacement lands. The Class EA for Waterpower Projects process will be coordinated with the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources' Crown land use amendment and Class EA processes to amend of the park boundary for the Proposed Undertaking.

The Proposed Undertaking is also expected to require changes to the Abitibi River System Water Management Plan (WMP), which will be pursued in accordance with the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources' planning requirements. The Proposed Undertaking will be screened under the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act. Over the next year, CRP and OPG will use the Class EA process as a basis for coordinating all future consultation required for the planning stage of the Proposed Undertaking. If the Project proceeds as per the schedule, construction could begin in 2014.

Detailed information about the project can be found within the Project Description for Federal Agency Review which is on the Supporting Docs page of the website.